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To make the most of your design system, it's important to also have a strong and solid process to teach teams how to use it. Let's take a closer look at how Core can help you achieve this.

Super clean

Supercharge your designs with extremely clean Figma files.

Team friendly

Enhance collaboration and onboarding process.

Full solution

Not only a design library. We give you a complete file kit.

Last features

Always the latest Figma features, the best plugins and the best practices.

Our Figma files


Design Library

This is your single source of truth and provides the fundamental elements of your system like typography, colors, icons and spacing, and pre-built components extremely well crafted. This file will then be shared within your design team, allowing for easy collaboration and ensuring that everyone is using the same design elements throughout a project.

Preview in Figma
Clean and structured file
Design System best practices
Icon Library
Foundations & Components
Component checklist
Easy customization
Last Figma features
Accessibility checklist
Quick links
Content Strategy (coming soon...)

Onboarding & Learning

A good starter kit comes with comprehensive documentation and support materials, including guidelines, video tutorials and helpful links. This will help you and your team onboard quickly and provides assistance when you encounter challenges during the design process.


Project Template

This file will help you get started with a new design project. It will facilitate alignment and collaboration across design and development teams. If everyone works from the same templates, it will reduce the likelihood of inconsistencies and misunderstandings.

Documentation template


Documentation Template

Good documentation for a design system is key for a successful design system. We choose Notion because it’s a versatile workspace tool that combines note-taking, project management, and collaboration features in one platform. It's highly customizable and used by individuals and teams for various tasks and projects.

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Simplify collaboration
Centralized information
Simple to update and to share
Connected with Figma

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