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We give you the perfect ground for a rock-solid and scalable design system with our Figma based starter kit including all the last standards.

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Why using Core?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by Design System Kits that come with an abundance of pre-made components? We get it—sometimes, these ready-to-go pieces can be a puzzle to fit into your unique project, like trying to fit a square block into a round hole.

That's why we have a better idea. Most projects start with around 80 hours of basic groundwork, involving tasks like defining typography, colors, spacing, grids, or fundamental components such as buttons and forms. Why not kickstart your project with a comprehensive starter kit that's already primed with all these essentials?

We've crafted a highly practical starter kit that serves as the perfect launchpad for your design system journey. It's meticulously designed and offers you a solid foundation, so you can hit the ground running with your projects.

We help you build your very unique design system

The best starting point

Customize with ease, enjoy beautifully crafted elements, follow clear guides, and stay effortlessly up-to-date. Unleash your creativity – it all begins here.

Easy to customize - design system based on figma

Easy to customize

You can tweak and adjust everything to match your unique style and project needs, without any fuss.

Beautifully crafted

Everything is made in a way that you can start fast and stay in control of every part of your Design System.

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Easy to customize - design system based on figma

Clear documentation

Our simple and user-friendly guides help you every step of the way. From setting things up to making changes, our instructions are easy to follow, ensuring you're never lost.

What they say

“As a designer, I've struggled with maintaining consistency across my projects. But ever since I started using Core, my workflow has become a breeze. The pre-designed components and comprehensive documentation have saved me countless hours of manual work. It's an essential tool for any designer looking to elevate their designs to the next level.”
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Sarah Thompson, UI/UX Designer

Use the power of Figma

Meticulously crafted with the best Figma features, our starter kit is always up-to-date and takes advantage of Figma's collaborative nature.


Store reusable values that can be applied to all kinds of design properties and prototyping actions.

Auto Layout

Enables you to create dynamic and responsive designs by automatically arranging and resizing elements within a frame or container


Allows you to create and manage multiple versions or variations of a component such as different colors, sizes, or states.


Share components and styles by publishing them. A library lets you reuse components, styles, and variables across your design files.

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Get started today

Start with a rock solid foundation
and evolve from a simple system that work.

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No two design systems are the same,
but they start the exact same way.

Learn how to start your Design System with some basic theory and knowledge. Check our resources and learn how to improve your design process and collaboration inside your team.

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