Figma plugins

If you are building design systems with Figma and need some really helpful plugins, here are our top Figma plugins for you:


This plugins will help you automatized the documentation process.

Eightshapes Specs

Automate production of page and component design specifications (“specs”) of selected components, instances and frames.

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Local Print

Introducing Local Print, your go-to Figma Plugin for seamless documentation of design variables!

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Auto Doc

With one click, this plugin documents all of the color and font styles for you.

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Generate all possible instances for your components, including every combination of variants and component properties, all in a tidy labelled table.

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Design Version

It automatically generates a version number so you can identify it, and saves each version in Figma's history.

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This plugins will help you set your typography right.


Quickly generate a simple typescale/modular scale.

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Quick Font Replace

Easily replace one font with another.

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Max Line Length

Plugin that counts the maximum number of characters across all lines in a text box unlike other plugins that count all characters or words.

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This plugins will help set a consistent and accessible color palette.

Color Shades

Generate multiple shades from the same base color.

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Supa Palette

This comprehensive tool enables the creation of harmonious, accessibility-oriented palettes, streamlining your design process and saving you invaluable time when building your design system.

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Accessibility is key. Always double check using this plugins to create an inclusive experience.


Tired of manually checking spreadsheets, messy handovers, and expensive retrofitting? The all-new Stark Suite is a powerful combination of integrated tools that help you streamline your accessibility workflow.

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Contrast makes it easy to check the contrast ratios of colors as you work.

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Visual Contrast

With the APCA color contrast algorithm in WCAG 3.0, make sure your colors are clearly visible with one click.

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Some other plugins that will help you during the design process.

Instance Finder

Find all Instances of a Component used in your file.

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Insert beautiful images from Unsplash into your designs.

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Remix Icon is a set of open-source neutral-style system symbols for designers and developers.

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