Update Oct 2023

Version 3.1.0 - New variables, more colors, new pages. Check our latest updates!



October 22th, 2023
  • NEW - Contributing page where you can display your DS Team. We also added a contribution process example to help you and your team align on how to deal with new components.
  • NEW - Overview page for Foundations and Components with quick links for easy access.
  • UPDATE - Typography: Typography - we added more text styles: form label, form hint and button text.
  • UPDATE - Colors: added new range of shades for primary, signals and neutral.
  • UPDATE - Variables: new collection of PRIMITVES and TOKENS following the latest standards.
  • UPDATE - Buttons: added new states and the option for left and right icon.
  • UPDATE - Input Field: added new states and the option for left and right icon.


September 10th, 2023
  • NEW - complete redesign and refactoring of the Figma file.
  • NEW - changelog feature using the Design version Figma plugin.
  • NEW - use of Variables to set up your colors, viewports, spacings and more.
  • NEW - components: Notification, Header Navigation & Footer Navigation.
  • UPDATE - Component Documentation: pre-generated documentation templates using EightShapes Specs.
  • UPDATE - Typography: added max-width documentation for body text.
  • UPDATE - Colors: added color usage page for a quick understanding for what colors are used for.
  • UPDATE - Spacing system: added spacing system to Variables + documentation.
  • UPDATE - Buttons: updated Variants using last Figma features.