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Getting started

Welcome to the Core Design System documentation, your go-to resource for setting up, using, and customizing the starter kit to suit your requirements.

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Welcome to CORE

Step into the world of CORE – your very own Design System Starter Kit.
It's all about crafting a design system that's tailor-made for you.

Our user-friendly guide is here to help you smoothly lay down the groundwork for creating your initial components. Got any questions? Feel free to drop us a line at hello@maximerabot.com. We're here to help!

The CORE Team


Essential elements and guidelines that establish consistent rules and principles governing the visual and functional aspects of the design.

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Modular and reusable elements forming consistent user interfaces, pre-designed and combinable to produce a variety of UI layouts and patterns.

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Web-based design tool that allows users to create, prototype, and collaborate on user interfaces, designs, and other visual content in real time.

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What's new / Changelog


September 10th, 2023
  • NEW - complete redesign and refactoring of the Figma file.
  • NEW - changelog feature using the Design version Figma plugin.
  • NEW - use of Variables to set up your colors, viewports, spacings and more.
  • NEW - components: Notification, Header Navigation & Footer Navigation.
  • UPDATE - Component Documentation: pre-generated documentation templates using EightShapes Specs.
  • UPDATE - Typography: added max-width documentation for body text.
  • UPDATE - Colors: added color usage page for a quick understanding for what colors are used for.
  • UPDATE - Spacing system: added spacing system to Variables + documentation.
  • UPDATE - Buttons: updated Variants using last Figma features.